Helix Renewal offers a full range of professional services to our clients for both commercial and residential maintenance. We pride ourselves in being able to serve our clients in difficult areas of the country and continually expand our coverage areas. Helix provides a full range of services to:

  • National Field Service Companies
  • Brokers and Real Estate Agents

  • Investors and Property Owners

  • Multi-site businesses across a wide geographic footprint

  • Retail and Commercial customers

Our crews are experienced professionals that can perform a wide variety of tasks to protect and preserve your assets. Our commercial field service offerings provide a one-stop shop for business of all types.


We offer a full range of property preservation services to the lending industry. We have experience crews in 6 states and expand our territory regularly.

Field Services

Helix offers a full line of Field Services to commercial clients through a network of licensed tradespeople, landscapers, handymen and janitorial staff

REO Services

Our crews perform REO services to investors / lenders / national field services companies to get an asset ready for sale. Services include renovation and rehab to get your asset ready for sale.

Auto Form Handling

Ever wanted to get automatic form handling out-of-the-box without writing one single line of code? You got it.


Have you been reluctant to implement your own upload functionality? StackApps does that for you.

CMS Included

StackApps even comes with its own CMS component which allows you to draw content from your database and render it on your page.

Security Enabled

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Send out newsletters via the Newsletter Stack based on your user database or subscriber list.

Test Local - Run Remote

StackApps supports both local and remote deployment. So, test local and finally run your app on your remote server. Use even different settings in both environments.

System Setup Suggestions

There are a couple of mandatory and some optional components you need in order to successfully submit completions for work performed. Completions should not be submitted using Internet Explorer, it breaks things. Download either Firefox or Chrome and use it to access our website.